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This week, I speak about a famous holiday, celebrated the night of the October 31: Halloween. This event goes back to the Celtic tradition, called “Samhain”.
What’s “Samhain”?
Samhain, which means “the end of the summer”, is a pagan celebration for preparing the coming of winter. During the seven days before the 31, the Ancient Gaels believed it was the meeting of the living and the dead people, because the boundaries between the two Words, were opened. Symbolically, the summer embodies the light, the hotness whereas the winter represents the season of the death, the dark, and the coldness.
This tradition, brought by the immigrants to the United State, is a real tradition.
In British and Irish Societies, you have to put a candle on your window to honor dead people.
But, we better know some parts of the tradition where you have to dress up, and where your children go in the street to ask for candies, and asking "Trick or treat?”, and you have to play games like catching an apple in a pail with your teeth, and other games…
Halloween is the holiday of spiders, dark cats, skeletons, witches, ghosts, and pumpkins.

BBC (2006)

In the United States, Police notices that Halloween is a suitable time for troublemakers.

The police has indeed show that this holiday increases the nuisance crime by 20%. It is already say that most of phone calls were about property damages, rowdy behaviour and intimidation. In general, the troublemakers are teenagers, about 15 years old.

For the Police, this night, called “cracking down”, is due to this holiday, because according to them, Halloween “inspired an anti-social behaviour”.

The Police think that it’s a familiar holiday for children, and as it’s the time to enjoy themselves, the teenagers, who don’t have the same definition of enjoying themselves, benefit from the situation by making troubles.

The exemple gave by the article, is that teenagers have had a 80£ fine to paid because they caused troubles.

BBC (2006)

The second article is showing the measures undertaken by the Police, in Nottingham, for the holiday of Halloween.

To avoid noise disturbances, the Police ban the uses of firework.

If teenagers are caught with fireworks, the teenagers who were 16 years old and more, will have to pay a £80 fine, and teenagers who were aged between 10 and 15, will have to pay a £40 fine. But as they are not reached their majority, it will be the parents who have to pay the fine.

At the same time, the fire article gives education programme for children.

Even though the Police orders, children can use legally and safety the fireworks this night, but they have to take care of the others.

So we can see that the Police will try to keep the peace of people during this night, and avoid disturbances. Halloween is a real event, which is celebrating by the whole England, and where children make fun. In other article, we can see that the whole country is festive.

Like the other holiday like Christmas, or Thanksgiving, we can notice that the country is paying a great attention to the tradition.

British towns are decorated with black and orange colours, and full of spiders, covered with cobweb.

There is a real great liking for this holiday. The Police try to keep the quietness, to allow that all of the people spend a nice night, without disorders.

As time goes by, the tradition is lasting in UK and in America, but the holiday is not as popular in France than in this two places.

Moreover, since the 1950's, the Unicef was distributing boxes to children to collect money.

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