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School Shooting : a new social phenomenon.

Louisiana News Leard :
May, 19th 2009 / May, 20th 2009
CBSNews: May, 18th 2009

The three articles I decided to study, deal with the Class Attack in Larose-Cut Off Middle School (Louisiana), committed by a student named Justin Paul Doucet, who was 15 years old.

Monday, May, 18th 2009, a student came to school with the 25-caliber semi-automatic handgun of his father for killing people, dressing in an AC/DC Highway to Hell T-shirt.

But he didn’t achieve his end, because he “just” pointed the gun at the teacher, Jessica Plaisance, and fired into the ceiling.

He didn’t achieve his end because after the shot into the ceiling, he asked one student to come with him, and as this student refused to follow him, Paul went to the nearby bathroom and he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

According to Lafourche Parish Sheriff, Craig Webre, who studied his writings :

the boy had thought the whole thing out really well, and had plan to murder other students, the sheriff said it appeared that he had been preparing a much larger shooting”.

Moreover, he found in his personal possessions some books and notes which contained “references to Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, the number "666" and shock rocker Marilyn Manson” and articles on the 10th anniversary of Columbine which he wanted to pay homage.

They are still trying to explain why the boy did that, because apparently, he was a quiet kid, and a normal student who didn’t have problems at school.

The 19th of May, the boy was still brain dead, but he died several days after, the 23th of May.

Moreover, they added metal detectors in the School to avoid a new “incident”.

We can also read that after this “incident”, they added metal detectors at the three entrances of the school.

They don’t really explain the reaction of the young boy and his motivations.

They think that he was afraid of facing his attempts to kill people, because he was so young, and immature, that’s why he committed suicide.

This story reminds us the Columbine Massacre(Colorado), occurred on Tuesday, April, the twentieth of 1999, where two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed twelve students, and one teacher, and hurt twenty four persons, before they committed suicide.

This shooting seems to have shock the whole States, because it was the deadliest school massacre, and it is saluting in Bowling for Columbine, a report by Thomas Moore, or in Elephant, a film by Gus van Sant.

As Justin Paul Doucet, they have planned their shooting during several months, but, contrary to Paul, the shooting went according to their plan.

Both of Paul, Eric and Dylan were wearing military clothes, which seems to depict the influence of Army, or video-games dealing with wars. Both of them were fascinated by Adolf Hitler, and listened metal music like Marilyn Manson.

Thus, the Media accused the influence of metal music on the teenagers.

They put some bombs in the school to catch firemen’s attention, and they shot the students.

Before the massacre, we knew the two boys were scapegoats, .but it can not explain, and can not forgive their acts.

Ten years later, Le Monde shows that there is a lot of mistakes around the massacre, like the psychological portrayals of the two teenagers.

We can see that their hate was not directed to a specific people, but against the word in general.

And as Andrew Gumbel says:

If they have had more money, it would be worst, and it probably would be “the most important terrorist attack made by a pizza delivery man”.

Unfortunately, we can make a census of this kind of assault, because there are more and more cases of school shootings.

As it’s too easy to possess a gun, and as most of people get a gun, we can see that it’s easier for children to own a gun. What’smore, there is a big discrepancy between the different states in the USA, and there are about 200 millions arms which are in the market.

The phenomenon of school shooting is very sensitive in the USA because it shows that children can get easily arms. Even though school shooting is very “popular”, on account of the Second Amendment, which allows the carrying of weapons ad the right to own its, nobody undertakes measure to avoid it. Furthermore, the NRA (National Rifle Association) is one of the most important lobbies, and it protects the Second Amendment.

Moreover with the development of rough video game, students seem to mix Reality with a virtual word.

To finish, we can notice that 70% of the population is against a whole banning of weapons.

Thus, we can understand that owning a weapon seems to be a part of American Culture, and a way of life.

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