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The Beatlemania

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Who are they?

The group, composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, is one of the most popular British group in the whole World, since his formation, in 1960.

This group influenced the popular culture, and the music World. Like Elvis Presley did, the Beatles aroused the mass hysteria: we could remember the teenagers, and the girls, screaming the names of their idols. The popular movement which surrounded the Beatles, has become a real “Beatlemania”. The success of this group is also a commercial success:

The sale of by-products is impressive: there are CDs, clothes, toys, video games, which are dedicating themselves to them. Even though the band doesn’t exist anymore, the sale of these products is still going on. Statues are still raising in the image of John Lennon.

This year, for the 40th birthday of the famous picture of Abbey Road, the fans were on a kind of pilgrimage to Abbey Road, where the Beatles walked.

Madness taste

The fans spend a lot of money for buying original pictures: Five photographs showing all four Beatles in Dorset have been sold for £460 at auction.”

So, we can speak about madness, and a real taste for this mythical group.

This year, Paul McCartney will do concerts in France, most of the tickets have already been sold, and the price of them is very expensive, around 163€. Their celebrity doesn’t decrease, and they found themselves in possession of a great fortune, thanks to the astronomical amounts of money fans are spending.

This article extrated of BBC News, deals with Beatles ‘s photographies sold at auction. There are a really hustle around this mythic group.Indeed, The seller decided to keep anonimaty. So he sold beatles’s photographies by telephone. The auction took place at Dukes’s Grove Auctions in Dorchester.

Each photography were sold 460£ and John Holmes, the saleroom manager, said it was a fair price. On a photo we can see the group and the owner of Askers Road House Hotel in Bridport. This picture is in black and white. To fan, this nostalgic picture, recreated the mind of 1960’s. It was authentic. An other picture shows John Lennon taking a photography. So these photos captured Beatles ‘s life and to a fan I think the only wish is to monopolize this crucial moment.

These auctions transcribe again the Beatlesmania because to a photography, a fan is able to spend vast sums. This article suggests that a fan could spend him nearly shirt.Moreover, these concerts of Paul McCartney since 2004 show that the myth created around this group is perpetuated yet today.

The Beatlemania:

Several years ago

The Beatles were the first English band who broke into the American market in 1964. The rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960, was a huge success in United States, and had a lot of fans: for example, when they touched down, more than 3,000 fans were waiting them. The mass hysteria was so big that the four men must have had police protection, and security barriers, during their shows. Moreover, we can see that the death of John Lennon, in 1980, overwhelmed the whole World, who paid homage to him, and was in mourning for John, “Music was never quite the same since ... and never will be”(Tom Edwards, UK). The memory of John Lennon haunted our memories, and he became a legend, like Michael Jackson, who died this year.

The mass hysteria is unmanageable, and we can see that the Beatles played a great role for British music, and had a great importance in British society. Even though, the Beatles are sold in the whole world, first, there is a real taste for their music, and secondly, listening groups like Sex Pistols, or Beatles is very fashionable.We are still listening Beatles' music, and this mythical group is still singing in our mind:

Help! I need somebody!

Help! No just anybody!

Help! You know I need someone, help!

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