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Body modifications at work

CNN 2008

CNN 2005

BBC 2006

As we can see, more and more people are tattooed or have some piercing.
Since the beginning of the XX century, body modifications have become fashionable. There has had a popularization of the “body arts” and contrary to the past, the body modifications didn’t belong to the former jailbirds, to gangs or to the punks any more, and little by little, the man in the street has been tattooed and got piercings.
As more and more people have body modifications, the question of hiding or not them at work was coming up.
So does we have to hide or not our body modifications?

Nowadays, we live in a society based on physical appearances; so first, people consider the way we look. The piercing can make some people afraid because of its history and its past. But as more and more people have body modification the work world has to fit on these new habits. Furthermore the two cases of Rebecca Holdcroft and Sara Champion show the difficult integration of the tattoo at work, and how they have to hide theirs. Moreover in 2008, a law still has not been created to protect people from this form of discrimination, even though most of the people are tattooed or pierced.

The body modification is spreading to the job of lawyer, doctor, and businessman; some of them are hiding their tattoo, but a photographer, Dave Kimelberg, works on the Body Modification at work, and published a book, where we can see the tattoos of 15 “professionals”.

BBC 2006

This article deals with the case of Rebecca Holdcroft, who is 25 years old, and it’s almost an interview of her, where she’s speaking about the difficulties to get a job when you have body modifications.

She explains how she has to hide her tattoos and how she felt weak because even though it was hot, she had to wear a cardigan to hide her painted body. She thinks that this work policy is a way of discrimination because even if she has not a face to face job, and doesn’t meet directly the public, she has to hide her tattoos which look “unprofessional”.

At the same time, she tries to explain why she wanted to be tattooed.

She explains that it’s a way of express herself, and finding her identity. She has her chest, her back, and her arms covered by several tattoos, thus she is not able to hide them all. Her aim is to show that you can have tattoos and work well, and she wants to make people aware of her fight against the policy of many jobs where there are standards and where you have to be in the mould.

10 years ago:

Ten years ago, the piercing and the tattoo began to spread in all of the society.

Little by little, the tattoo has been popularized, and didn’t belong to several categories of people.

Nowadays, a great majority of people has a tattoo or a piercing.

The most popular piercings are ears, the navel and the nose. Moreover, the body modification is a real business because of fashion effects. The number of tattooist is increasing, and they fight for getting legislations to have a real status because they want to avoid the abuses of bad tattooists.

So we can see that it’s hard to be different in the work world. Even though these modifications are increasing, the work world doesn’t always fit. In many jobs, where you have to deal directly with the public, you have to hide your personality, which is painted on your body.

When will we see doctors, or lawyers with painted skin?

Furthermore, there is a big discrepancy between the new generation and the former generation, and as they don’t belong to the same time, it’s hard for the old generation to tolerate this modifications which are often seen like marks of mental disturbance or self destruction.

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